Young Girl Taking Her First Ride in an Airplane a Reminder of Where Women of Aviation Week Should be Focusing

Today is International Women’s Day which is closing out Women of Aviation Week.  Two very important events that bring attention to those most wonderful of creatures: women; and an even more special group: female aviators.

There have been all kinds of different events all week that are geared towards getting girls excited about aviation, and recognizing the women that do some much to make aviation an industry where women can grow to their full potential.  The industry would truly be lacking were it not for all of the women involved.

While the video below may not have been specifically designed as an event for Women of Aviation Week, it no doubt had a special impact on that sweet little girl.  This is the kind of stuff that needs to take place if we are to get girls excited about aviation.

It is so awesome to watch her apprehension as they are getting ready to take off, and then how it instantly turns to pure joy at lift-off.  I must say I know exactly how she feels.  I felt the same way on my first flight, and have felt that same feeling over and over again practically every time I fly.

I won’t bore you with anymore commentary, but please take 5 minutes and watch this video.  It nearly brought tears to my eyes thinking about when I will be able to do the same with my daughter some day.