Old Bold Pilots: A Pilot’s Group That is Exactly What Every Group Should Be

There are any number of pilot/aviation groups throughout the country with all different dynamics.  I just stumbled across the type of group that every other organization should try to emulate. 

I wish that I had known about this group when I lived in Oceanside because one of my favorite things in the whole world is to listen to people like this talk.  They have an amazing story to share, and they are everything that is great about aviation.

These men are the true heroes of our country and they deserve to be recognized and have their stories saved.  It is my dream to find a way to log their stories in some way so that they will never be lost.

Ideally, I would love to do so with video because there is simply no way to get the full story without hearing it from their mouths.  A written history would also be of extreme value if that was the only choice.

These men and women are true treasures and we will all forever be in their debt.  To have the opportunity to do what aviators do best, tell stories, true and not so true, is the best way to honor these great men and women.