Opening Day: Planes and Baseball, Does it Get Any Better?

I have been in a complete and utter rut recently, mostly because I feel a little overwhelmed with managing, work, school, family, and the things I want to do like talk about planes.  As the country song goes, “sounds like life to me”, and it is.

Nothing has really changed today, but honestly it is hard to not say something about Opening Day, and in particular a picture I just saw on Twitter.

After planes, baseball is my next love and one of my favorite things at a baseball game, or really any event are the flyovers.  Probably my most memorable I saw in person was a flight of F-16s at a BYU football game that seriously looked like they dipped into the stadium.  It was nuts.

As cool as that one was, I think the above picture would have been even more memorable in person.  It doesn’t hurt that it was at my favorite ballpark, The Ballpark in Arlington (I know they sold out to a sponsor, but it will always be the Ballpark to me).

I don’t really have much to add as the picture speaks for itself, but I will mention that the planes are from the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.