Local Airports are a Dying Breed, and It is a Tragedy

Small local airports are one of the fun things about aviation.  With all of the advances in technology, they are the place where aviation’s roots can still be found.  It is where stories are shared amongst people who simply love aviation.

While it can be hard to put into words the value of such an airport, Krista Ramsey of Cincinnati.com wrote a wonderful piece about the Blue Ash Airport near Cincinnati that is scheduled to close in June.

I don’t know the dynamics of that specific situation, but it is a tragedy to me that we are losing these sites.  There is really no way to quantify their value to a  community.  If you base it strictly on dollars and cents then keeping the airport really doesn’t make much sense, but if you consider overall value then there is no way small airports like this should close.

Aviation has lost its romantic luster in modern days, and it is a real pity.  We need these little airports that bring aviation into everyday life for so many people.  They provide experiences that could never be had at JFK, LAX, or O’Hare.

Please share your experiences at small airports so that we can keep these amazing sites alive, if not in reality, at least in our hearts and minds.