American Airlines Offers a Look at Airline Operations

As a kid I always loved going to the airport and just watching things happen.  Loading bags, fueling the plane, passengers boarding; it really didn’t matter, I just loved watching all of it.  In reality, nothing has really changed, I still love everything about aviation.  The difference is that now I actually understand a lot more about what is going on.

Most people aren’t as in love with aviation as I am, and that is fine, but there is still something to be said for understanding how some of the different aspects of an airline work.  Apparently American Airlines feels the same way as they are rolling out a series of videos through their twitter feed (@AmericanAir).

The videos are designed to answer questions about some of the basic aspects of how an airline functions like how deicing works(see video below), where bags go after you check them, and what happens during weather delays.  They seem to be interested in answering actual customer questions as they ask for feedback with all of the videos, as well as regularly on the Twitter feed itself.

I think this is a great concept, and I genuinely hope they keep doing it.  If people actually understand how it all works, they will handle it better when not everything goes as expected.  Not that this will fix all of their problems, but by creating informed customers they are simply adding one more level to the customer experience, and that is always a good thing.