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A Few Shots of Everyone’s Favorite C-130: Fat Albert

The Blue Angels are the highlight of pretty much every airshow they fly at.  They put on an exhilarating show that is almost impossible not to enjoy.

The part of the show that many people unfortunately overlook is one of my favorite parts.  Fat Albert is the workhorse of the show as the transport for the maintainers, as well as the only propeller driven aircraft in the show.  I had the opportunity to see Fat Albert back when they still utilized JATO bottles for some incredible takeoffs, and I have been hooked ever since.  In case you are wondering what a JATO takeoff is, check this out:

While living in Pensacola, FL, the home of the Blue Angels, I got to see Fat Albert quite often, but there is just something special about seeing him on the road.  I had that opportunity again last August while in Seattle during the SeaFair Air Show.

While most of the action took place out over the water, I actually think Fat Albert’s part of the show is better at the airport itself.  In this case that would be King County International Airport, better know as Boeing Field.  The outdoor static displays of the Museum of Flight is a unique and wonderful place to watch an airshow.  Though you will notice a few of those planes peeking into some of my pictures.

Every show starts with a takeoff.

Every show starts with a takeoff.

A zoom climb takeoff like this is incredibly uncomfortable since you are flying at maybe 10-20 feet with the gear up as fast as you can.  Keep in mind, that this is not a little Cessna 172, but a 100,000+ pound cargo plane.  That makes for an incredibly exhilarating experience, and some pretty insane takeoff angles for such a large, propeller-driven plane.

While it can sustain this angle forever, it does get you away from the ground, fast.

While it can’t sustain this angle forever, it does get you away from the ground, fast.

If you have ever watched a “normal” C-130 takeoff, it is not very exciting, and it takes a long time to get up and away.  While this is nothing compared to the old JATO takeoffs, it is fun to take off at this steep of an angle.

C-130s don't necessarily translate to air show excitement.

C-130s don’t necessarily translate to air show excitement.

In terms of the air show itself, this picture really sums up most of what a C-130 can do in an air show.  It can be fun to see some big banking 60 degree turns and high-speed passes, but the real power and utility of the C-130 can’t really be shown at an airshow, with the exception of the takeoff we already talked about, and maybe even more nerve-wracking, intense landings.

The C-130 was designed to go into austere locations and provide support to forces that otherwise would not receive it.  I often explain to friends that all we need is an area free of trees and other tall objects and we could get in there.  While that may not be 100% accurate, it really isn’t too far off.

When all you see out the window is ground, it can be quite unnerving.

When all you see out the window is ground, it can be quite unnerving.

One important aspect of this unique ability is approaching airfields at an incredibly steep angle.  We often refer to it as riding the elevator because you watch the altitude just spin off the altimeter.  I read an article from a reporter who got to take a ride on Fat Albert and she said that the most scary part was this steep descent into the runway.

You would never know that this plane just descended about 1000 feet in about 20 seconds.

You would never know that this plane just descended about 1000 feet in about 20 seconds.

While it may make the untrained civilian uncomfortable, it is things like this that get all of us Herc crew members excited about what we do.  It feels amazing when the pilot rounds it out and you touch softly down after screaming towards good old terra firma.

What a beautiful sight.

What a beautiful sight.

Everyone is attracted to the fast and agile planes at an airshow, and for good reason, because they are exciting.  However, the older I get the more I appreciate the wonder of some of these unsung heroes at airshows.  There may be no greater unsung hero than Fat Albert, but I may be a little biased.

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I'm Dave and I am a proud Avgeek. It goes way beyond liking airplanes. It is a passion that cannot be subdued.

Bombardier Signs Firm Order With Options for up to 16 CS300 Aircraft with Iraqi Airways

That is a nice looking livery on a beautifully designed aircraft.

That is a nice looking livery on a beautifully designed aircraft.

Bombardier has signed their second firm order of the week after the order earlier this week with China Express Airlines for 16 CRJ900 NextGen Aircraft.  This order by Iraqi Airways was not much of a surprise as it follows a letter of intent signed during the Dubai Airshow last month.

This agreement includes firm orders for five CS300 mainline jetliners as well as options for up to 11 more aircraft that would total approximately $1.26 billion if all of the options are exercised according to the press release below.  While these orders may pale in comparison to the ones announced by the big boys at Dubai, they fill an essential niche in these growing markets, that are arguably more important to these smaller nations.

What should also be noted is that Iraqi Airways is a repeat customer having purchased six CRJ900 NextGen aircraft a few years back.  The growth of aviation in the Middle East is impressive to the say the least so it is vital that all aircraft manufacturers are able to get their piece of the pie.  The ability to gain repeat customers speaks well for Bombardier and their future success in the region.

Press Release

Iraqi Airways Signs Firm Purchase Agreement with Options for up to 16 Bombardier CS300 Aircraft

December 4, 2013 Toronto Aerospace

Bombardier Aerospace today announced that Iraqi Airways, the national carrier of Iraq, has signed a firm purchase agreement to acquire five CS300 mainline jetliners. The agreement, which also includes options on 11 CS300 aircraft, follows a letter of intent (LOI) to purchase the aircraft that was announced by Bombardier on November 19 during the Dubai Airshow.

As previously announced, based on the list price for the CS300 aircraft, the firm order is valued at approximately $387 million US and could increase to $1.26 billion US if the 11 options are converted to firm orders.

“Following the successful utilization of our six CRJ900 NextGen aircraft over the past few years, the acquisition of the CS300 aircraft will complement our network operations and allow us to expand into new markets,” said Captain Saad Al-Khafaji, Chief Executive Officer and Director General, Iraqi Airways. “The CS300 aircraft’s range, fuel efficiency and comfortable, widebody-like cabin will permit us to respond to growing passenger demand and reach destinations across the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe.”

“The CS300 aircraft is ideally suited to Iraqi Airways’ expanding operations, providing the right mix of performance, operational flexibility and passenger comfort to support the airline’s ongoing success in its increasingly competitive markets,” said Mike Arcamone, President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. “We are delighted to be participating in Iraq’s reconstruction by delivering the best aircraft to support Iraqi Airways’ growth and development.”

CSeries aircraft
Designed for the growing 100- to 149-seat market, the 100 per cent new CSeries aircraft family combines advanced materials, leading-edge technology and proven methods to meet commercial airline requirements. Powered by Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G engines, the CSeries aircraft family will offer a 15* per cent cash operating cost advantage and a 20* per cent fuel burn advantage. With the extra capacity seating option, the CS300 aircraft’s productivity further improves, offering airlines an average of four* per cent additional cash operating cost advantage per seat.

The CSeries aircraft’s clean-sheet design is ensuring that the aircraft will achieve greatly reduced noise and emissions, as well as superior operational flexibility, exceptional airfield performance and a range of 2,950 NM (5,463 km)*. The CSeries aircraft will be up to 12,000 lbs. (5,443 kg)* lighter than other aircraft in the same seat category and will provide passengers with a best-in-class, widebody cabin environment in a single-aisle aircraft.

As of today, Bombardier has booked orders and commitments for 419 CSeries aircraft, which include firm orders for 182 CSeries airliners. Some 16 customers and lessees have joined the CSeries aircraft program.

About Bombardier

Bombardier is the world’s only manufacturer of both planes and trains. Looking far ahead while delivering today, Bombardier is evolving mobility worldwide by answering the call for more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable transportation everywhere. Our vehicles, services and, most of all, our employees are what make us a global leader in transportation.

Bombardier is headquartered in Montréal, Canada. Our shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (BBD) and we are listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America Indexes. In the fiscal year ended December 31, 2012, we posted revenues of $16.8 billion. News and information are available at or follow us on Twitter @Bombardier

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I'm Dave and I am a proud Avgeek. It goes way beyond liking airplanes. It is a passion that cannot be subdued.

A400M Extremely High Bank Angle Turn

I am admittedly biased to American manufacturers when it comes to military aircraft, but when I saw this picture on the Airbus website I had to share it.  This image comes from a demonstration flight that the A400M did at the Paris Airshow from one of their press releases.  That kind of banking is just downright ridiculous in a cargo aircraft.  As a C-130 navigator I spend most of my time standing which would clearly not be possible in such a maneuver.

This is some serious bank angle for any cargo aircraft.   © Airbus S.AS 2013 Photo by S. Ramadier

This is some serious bank angle for any cargo aircraft.
© Airbus S.AS 2013
Photo by S. Ramadier

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I'm Dave and I am a proud Avgeek. It goes way beyond liking airplanes. It is a passion that cannot be subdued.

Paine Field Aviation Day to Take Place May 18th; Some Free Intro Flights for Kids Available

Going to an airport at any time is an enjoyable experience for me.  I have spent countless hours just watching planes take off and land.  I am even cool with just sitting at home watching videos, looking at pictures, and even reading about planes.  In fact, just tonight instead of storytime with my son before bed, we watched videos of the F-35, F-16, and AC-130.  A much better use of time in my opinion.

This P-51 Mustang, Impatient Virgin, is just one aircraft that will be on display at Historic Flight Foundation during the event.

This P-51 Mustang, Impatient Virgin, is just one aircraft that will be on display at Historic Flight Foundation during the event.

But, when the opportunity does arise for a special event at an airport, it is important to take advantage of it.  One such event will be taking place this coming Saturday at Paine Field in Everett, WA.

The Paine Field Aviation Day will be taking place May 18th from 9am-5pm.  Paine Field is best known for being the home of the Boeing factory where they build 747, 767, 777, and 787 aircraft, but this Saturday the focus will be on the general aviation side of the house.  Here is a list of what to expect from the Paine Field Aviation Day Website:

  • All day Family Friendly Event
  • Average number of attendees 5,000 – 8,000
  • Annual Spring event has been occurring for over seventeen years in May
  • Aircraft from both the Flying Heritage Collection and Historic Flight Foundation fly throughout the day
  • Access to hundreds of vintage, warbirds, and new aircraft on display
  • Local Food and Beverage Vendors
  • Firefighters’ Fly Day 5k Run
  • Burn Center Charity Pancake Breakfast at the Paine Field Fire Department
  • Free Young Eagles introductory flights for kids ages 8-17 (seating limited)
  • Car collection and fire engine displays
  • Local non-profit organizations information booths
  • Access to the Flying Heritage Collection and Historic Flight Foundation collections
  • Free parking and shuttles
  • Seattle Seafair Pirates and Moby Duck
  • Kid Zone with bouncy houses, face painting, games and more
  • Take a flight, meet the pilots, see one-of-a kind aircraft, talk with the flight schools, enjoy some great food, and watch the thrilling flying demonstrations – all this and more!
"Grumpy", a B-25 bomber at Historic Flight Foundation will be joined by another B-25 from the Flying Heritage Collection on the other side of the runway.

“Grumpy”, a B-25 bomber at Historic Flight Foundation will be joined by another B-25 from the Flying Heritage Collection on the other side of the runway.

From what I gather this is not just a typical airshow, but is really designed to get people excited about aviation.  I don’t know if you noticed in the list of events there, but it mentioned free introductory flights for kids ages 8-17.  That is exactly the kind of opportunity that can spark a long career in aviation.

Admission is only $10 for adults, and is free for anyone under 17, which is hard to beat.  There will be all kinds of displays and booths for adults and kids.  Even if you aren’t a hardcore aviation nut like me, there will be lots of science stuff for kids, and it should just be an all around amazing event.

If you are able to go, leave a comment below and let me know how you enjoyed it.  You never know when something like this may turn into your new favorite hobby.

May 12, 2013 I Written By

I'm Dave and I am a proud Avgeek. It goes way beyond liking airplanes. It is a passion that cannot be subdued.

Are Airshows Worth the Cost for the Military?

So the sequester is here, and it is already starting to have an impact on the world of aviation.  In fact, some of that impact took place before the sequestration actually hit.  Last week, the Indianapolis Air Show cancelled their show “due to the wide-ranging impact of sequestration.”

Shortly thereafter, the Air Force cancelled not just air shows, but all aviation support at public events.  That includes “tradeshows, flyovers (including funerals and military graduations), orientation flights, heritage flights, F-22 demonstration flights and open houses, unless the event includes only local static assets.”  So unless it is already based at the air show, don’t plan on seeing any Air Force assets at those wonderful airshows we all love.

I love airshows as much or more than the next guy.  I love just being at the airport watching planes land and take-off, so watching aerial demonstrations is that much better.  That being said, I think the Air Force is making a very wise choice, and one that I expect the Navy will follow, though as of right now the Blue Angels’ official website doesn’t mention any cancellations.

When you consider how much these demonstration teams cost, it just makes sense to cancel their shows with the current financial mess that Congress has put us in.  According to the Department of the Navy Budget Estimates for 2013 from the Finance Department the Blue Angels’ budget was approximately $40 million.

Now as a percentage of the Navy’s total budget $40 million is less than 0.1%, which is clearly not very much.  That being said how can you justify sending these crews all over the country putting them up in four and five-star hotels, while at the same time telling other sailors and airmen that they can’t get the training they need to protect our country because it just isn’t in the budget.

As someone who is being directly impacted by the sequester, I am happy to see that the Air Force is capable of making some common sense decisions.  Put me in the group of people who hopes this whole thing is short-lived and we can quickly go back to enjoying the “sights and sounds of freedom” at air shows all over the country, but until we can come up with ways to take care of the airmen, sailors, soldiers, and Marines that are directly supporting the fight, there is no reason for us to be blowing money on extra things.

One could argue that things like air shows and flyovers are important to maintain public support, and aid in recruiting, and I would agree with you.  However, it does no good to garner that support and recruit those people if you have no way of accomplishing the far more important mission that you have been tasked with.

What’s your take?  Do you think we should continue to fund this extra public support while we are having such major budget problems, or is military leadership making a wise choice to cancel these events for the time being?

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I'm Dave and I am a proud Avgeek. It goes way beyond liking airplanes. It is a passion that cannot be subdued.

Sun ‘N Fun Kicks off in Sunny Florida #SNF12

As I sit in my house getting ready for work listening to the Blue Angels practice, like they do every Tuesday and Thursday, I can’t help but wish I was getting ready to go to Sun ‘N Fun.  Obviously, most people would rather enjoy a day in sunny Florida admiring airplanes and enjoying the atmosphere of such an event, but I am around planes everyday.

Like I said, I get to see the Blue Angels practice a couple of times a week.  I work in military aviation, and I really enjoy it.  It is worth all of the long days, the changing schedules, and the general frustration that goes along with any flying career.  That being said, sometimes we need to get away from the work side of it, and enjoy the fun of it.

If I was in a position to own a small plane and go out and enjoy it, then I would do that, but what I really want right now is to enjoy the fun of an air show.  Just being around the people at air shows that love aircraft is so awesome.  It is not a competition or a challenge where we are looking for a winner, it is simply a celebration of flight and all of the wonder that it entails.

Flying was born on the dreams of adventurous men and women who did it because they loved it, not because it was really profitable.  It has proved to be profitable for many people, but that is not where its roots are.  It is rooted in the hearts and dreams of every little boy and girl who dreams  of touching the sky and experiencing what relatively few people have.

Many of those dreams were born at an air show that was visited with a parent who has that love of aviation and wants to share it with the next generation.  I hope that everyone who has the chance to attend Sun ‘N Fun this week has a great time and is able to enjoy the wonder that is aviation.  I guess there is always next year for me.

I would love to live vicariously through you and hear about some of the experiences being had.  What is your favorite part of an air show?

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Cessna Foresees Demand Gathering Pace in Asia-Pacific Region

SINGAPORE, February 14, 2012 — Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, said today at the Singapore Airshow the company anticipates accelerating demand for light and mid-size business jets across the Asia-Pacific region in the next decade.

Speaking at the show, Trevor Esling, vice president, Sales for EMAA (Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia), said: “The Asia-Pacific region already accounts for 10% of Cessna’s business jet sales and we anticipate demand increasing further in the medium to long term. The region’s economic resilience during the global financial crisis, rising national prosperity and Chinese airspace liberalization make it likely that the business aviation market will mature at quite a rapid pace. Cessna therefore expects demand for light and mid-size aircraft to rise accordingly.”

In the past 12 months Cessna has undertaken various measures to strengthen its presence in the region. In China, Cessna’s dedicated Citation sales team has increased to nine members, reflecting the company’s increased focus on the commercial market and determination to build on success already achieved in the governmental sector. Cessna has also based a dedicated field service manager and is expected to complete a joint service facility, with sister-company Bell Helicopter, in the second quarter of this year in Singapore.

Esling continued: “All indications are that the Chinese economy will grow by more than 8% this year alone, while forecasts for the economies of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are similarly positive. These forecasts are extremely encouraging for aviation in general, with China expected to become one of the top 10 countries for business jet ownership by 2025.”

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I'm Dave and I am a proud Avgeek. It goes way beyond liking airplanes. It is a passion that cannot be subdued.

Gulfstream to Showcase Three Aircraft at Singapore Airshow 2012

Company To Focus On Worldwide Product Support Initiatives


SAVANNAH, Ga., February 6, 2012 — Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. will display three business jets at this year’s Singapore Airshow, being held Feb. 14-19, at the Changi Exhibition Centre. They are the wide-cabin, high-speed Gulfstream G150; the large-cabin, long-range Gulfstream G450; and the large-cabin, ultra-long-range Gulfstream G550.

“Singapore is home to about 10 percent of our Asian-Pacific fleet, so this show is an excellent opportunity for us to meet face-to-face with existing and potential operators,” said Scott Neal, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, Gulfstream . “It also serves as a centralized location for customers to learn about the reliability, availability, safety and technological advances of Gulfstream aircraft.”

The company will conduct an on-site Operators Forum from 1 to 5 p.m. on Feb. 16 in Function Room 3 to provide updates and technical presentations on maintenance and operational subjects relevant to Gulfstream operators in Asia.

The Gulfstream media briefing will be from 3 to 3:45 p.m. Feb. 15 in Function Room 4 and will focus on enhancements to the company’s Product Support network, updates on the G280 and G650 programs, and other company news.

Several members of the company’s senior leadership team will also be on hand for the show.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

A wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), designs, develops, manufactures, markets, services and supports the world’s most technologically advanced business-jet aircraft. Gulfstream has produced more than 2,000 aircraft for customers around the world since 1958. To meet the diverse transportation needs of the future, Gulfstream offers a comprehensive fleet of aircraft, comprising the wide-cabin, high-speed Gulfstream G150®; the new large-cabin, mid-range Gulfstream G280®; the large-cabin, mid-range Gulfstream G350®; the large-cabin, long-range Gulfstream G450®; the large-cabin, ultra-long-range Gulfstream G500®; the large-cabin, ultra-long-range Gulfstream G550® and the ultra-large-cabin, ultra-long-range G650®. Gulfstream also offers aircraft ownership services via Gulfstream Pre-Owned Aircraft Sales®. The company employs more than 11,500 people at 11 major locations. We invite you to visit our website for more information and photos of Gulfstream aircraft at

General Dynamics

Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, employs approximately 93,800 people worldwide. The company is a market leader in business aviation; land and expeditionary combat systems, armaments and munitions; shipbuilding and marine systems; and information systems and technologies. More information about the company is available on the Internet at

February 14, 2012 I Written By

I'm Dave and I am a proud Avgeek. It goes way beyond liking airplanes. It is a passion that cannot be subdued.

Boeing to Showcase 787 Dreamliner at 2012 Singapore Airshow

737 MAX and 747-8 Intercontinental featured; F-15SG, CH-47, AH-64D and KC-135 on static display; C-17 flight demonstration planned

CHICAGO, Feb. 7, 2012 – The Boeing [NYSE: BA] 787 Dreamliner, the world’s most advanced passenger airplane, will make its Singapore debut as part of a formidable lineup of Boeing commercial and defense products at the 2012 Singapore Airshow.

The Boeing exhibit at the biennial show, which runs from February 14 to 19, features the new 737 MAX, the new-engine variant of the world’s best-selling airplane; the 747-8 Intercontinental in distinctive “Sunrise” livery; the F-15 advanced cockpit simulator; and the Virtual Maintenance Trainer, which integrates advanced multimedia technology for training in support of fixed- and rotary-wing platforms.

The range of Boeing platforms on static display – and in service with the Republic of Singapore Air Force – includes the F-15SG fighter, the CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift helicopter, the AH-64D Apache advanced multirole combat helicopter, and the KC-135R Stratotanker.

“We are delighted to be showcasing some of the world’s newest and most innovative commercial airplanes alongside our strong defense products and capabilities at this year’s show,” said Skip Boyce, president, Boeing Southeast Asia. “Looking to the future, the Asia-Pacific region will be pivotal to our growing international business success. We remain strongly committed to our customers, suppliers and partners here.”

The 787 will land in Singapore for the first time just before the show opens and will be on static display Feb. 14 to 17. The third flight-test Dreamliner aircraft is outfitted with a luxurious business-class cabin, an overhead crew rest compartment and an economy-class section. Boeing has 870 Dreamliners on order from 59 customers, including Singapore Airlines and Vietnam Airlines.

A U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III – the world’s premier military airlifter and transport for humanitarian and peacekeeping missions – will highlight its capabilities during demonstration flights at the show. The Boeing-built and -maintained B-52 Stratofortress, the U.S. Air Force’s prime strategic bomber, will conduct flyovers on Feb. 14, 18 and 19.

Boeing will hold a series of media briefings during the show, as listed below. Reporters should check the briefing schedule daily at the show Media Center for the latest updates.

The company will highlight its air show activities through official Twitter feeds @Boeing, @BoeingAirplanes and @BoeingDefense, and through, starting today.

The website will be updated throughout the show with videos, briefing presentations, and any schedule changes. The website also contains program backgrounders, executive biographies and a link to high-resolution photos.

Note: All times listed below are local to Singapore.

Wednesday, February 15

1200                   BDS Heavy Lift Briefing 

BDS discusses how the unmatched heavy-lift capabilities of the C-17 Globemaster III airlifter and H-47 Chinook helicopter meet the needs of current and potential operators in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world. Briefing includes discussion of future platform enhancements.

Venue:                Function Room 5, Changi Exhibition Center

Speaker:             Tommy Dunehew, vice president, Business Development, Mobility


1300                   BDS Military Derivatives Briefing

A look at Boeing’s current and future military derivatives and new technologies. Highlighted programs include 737 Airborne Early Warning & Control, P-8A Poseidon and P-8I.

Venue:                Function Room 4, Changi Exhibition Center

Speaker:             Steve Nordlund, director, Business Development, Surveillance &                                              Engagement


1400                   Boeing Commercial Aviation Services will unveil a new standard for services

Boeing Commercial Airplanes reveals an exciting new airplane services initiative that focuses on the unmatched advantage and value Boeing provides its customers, using the industry’s largest portfolio of airline support programs and products.


Venue:                Boeing Exhibit, Booth U-23, Changi Exhibition Center

Speakers:           Lou Mancini, senior vice president, Commercial Aviation Services

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I'm Dave and I am a proud Avgeek. It goes way beyond liking airplanes. It is a passion that cannot be subdued.

Airbus to Showcase Latest Products at Singapore Airshow

Highlighting civil and military products / ACJ318 on static display

6 February 2012 Press Release

Airbus will be a major participant at this year’s Singapore Airshow, showcasing both its commercial and military transport products. The show takes place at Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore, 14 – 19 February 2012.

Centre-stage at the Airbus exhibit, located at the stand of parent company EADS (H23), will be a large scale model of the all-new A350 XWB. Currently under development and scheduled to enter service in 2014, the A350 XWB will shape new levels of efficiency in the mid-size long range passenger market, using 25% less fuel than similar sized aircraft in-service today.

Also on display will be a model of the A320neo. Set to enter service in 2015, this latest version of the A320 Family has become the fastest-selling airliner ever, with nearly 1,300 firm orders since its launch at the end of 2010. Featuring new engines and innovative wing tip Sharklets, the aircraft will deliver fuel-savings of 15 per cent, as well as a significantly reduced carbon and noise footprint.

Visitors to the stand will also be able obtain information on the products offered by Airbus Military. These include the A330 MRTT multi-role tanker which first entered service last year and is proving to be the industry reference in its class, as well as the new A400M airlifter, on track for delivery on the turn of the year 2012-2013. The company’s range of light and medium transport aircraft will also be highlighted with a C295 surveillance aircraft model.

Reflecting the important demand in Asia for private aircraft, Airbus will exhibit an ACJ318 on static display for the first time in Singapore. With the widest and tallest cabin of any private jet, this corporate version of Airbus’s smallest aircraft model features an attractive interior with a lounge area and a private office / sleeping area with en-suite bathroom.

Airbus will also be present at the Green Pavilion, organised in association with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Here visitors will be able to get the latest information on the company’s initiatives to ensure an eco-efficient future for the industry, including its latest work on alternative fuels and air traffic management.

Airbus comes to the Singapore Airshow following the most successful year in its history, having recorded a total of 1,608 new firm orders for its civil product line and delivered 534 aircraft to airlines worldwide. The company has been especially successful in the Asia-Pacific region, where it has over 1,800 aircraft flying with 85 airlines and a backlog of orders for over 1,700 aircraft for future delivery.

Notes for Editors

Airbus will hold the following media briefings on Wednesday 15 February at the show site:

10.00 – 11.30  Press Conference with Airbus Management

Commercial Update / Asia-Pacific Market Forecast

Conference Room 3, Main Exhibition Hall

14.00 – 14.45  Airbus Military Product Update

Conference Room 3, Main Exhibition Hall

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I'm Dave and I am a proud Avgeek. It goes way beyond liking airplanes. It is a passion that cannot be subdued.