B-52G/H Stratofortress, Bomber, Aircraft, USAF photo.
Primary Function: Strategic heavy bomber. Contractor: Boeing Military Airplane Co.; power plant and manufacturer: Eight Pratt & Whitney engines. Speed: 650 mph maximum. Dimensions: Wingspan 185 ft.; length B-52G, 160 ft. 11 in., B-52 H, 159 ft. 4 in., height 40 ft. 8 in. Range: Unrefueled–G-model, 7,500 miles; H-model, 8,800 miles. Armament: Approximately 70,000 lbs of mixed ordnance–short-range attack missiles, bombs and mines (some modified to carry air-launched cruise missiles and some modified to carry anti-ship missiles); G-model has four .50 caliber machine guns in tail turret; H-model has 20mm Gatling gun. Crew: two pilots, navigator, radar navigator and electronic warfare officer.