Aviation Guy News Now Available!

For a little while now I have been posting to a second site that I utilize for posting press releases from a variety of companies to include airlines and aircraft manufacturers.  Utilizing my incredibly creative mind I decided the site should be known simply as Aviation Guy News.

I am still working on how exactly I will utilize that site but in general it will just be a collection of press releases from all sorts of companies in the aviation industry.  I am still working on broadening my horizons and adding companies to my list.  If you have connections with a company and would like to see your press releases posted please leave a comment below, or get in contact with me through email, Twitter (you should follow me), or Facebook(you should like my page), or however else you want.  Or if you just want to see more releases from a company you are interested in please let me know.

I hope this new site will be a valuable resource for those looking for news directly from the companies themselves without any spin from writers like me.  This site will remain the place where I share my thoughts and opinions, and I will just link back to applicable articles as necessary.

So there you have it.  Sorry I didn’t have a more inspiring piece today, but I had homework to do.

Please check out the new site and let me know what you think.