Is the TSA Finally on its Last Leg?

It is no secret that I am in no way a fan of the TSA.  I don’t feel like we are any safer today than we were before TSA came to exist.  There have been countless changes in the way screening takes place, but still there are numerous occurrences of dangerous items getting through security.

On top of the lack of improvement in security, it has become increasingly more difficult just to get through the checkpoints.  We have to take off jackets, belts, shoes, and anything else that may contain just about anything other than lint.  It seems crazy that we should have to plan our wardrobe around the security checkpoint at the airport.

Maybe less commonly noticed is the complete and utter idiocy of many of TSA’s measures.  When babies are showing up on the no-fly list something is wrong with the way that list is being generated.  This is merely one example of how messed up the entire organization is.

Apparently, all of the bureaucracy and BS that is the TSA may finally be coming to an end.  Christopher Elliott wrote a very informative post regarding a congressional hearing about the TSA last week.  It is one of the most straightforward descriptions of how messed up TSA is that I have ever read.

What it really comes back to is that the organization is a complete mess and change needs to happen.  Maybe now we will see some real change to make traveling better for everyone.