Sun ‘N Fun Kicks off in Sunny Florida #SNF12

As I sit in my house getting ready for work listening to the Blue Angels practice, like they do every Tuesday and Thursday, I can’t help but wish I was getting ready to go to Sun ‘N Fun.  Obviously, most people would rather enjoy a day in sunny Florida admiring airplanes and enjoying the atmosphere of such an event, but I am around planes everyday.

Like I said, I get to see the Blue Angels practice a couple of times a week.  I work in military aviation, and I really enjoy it.  It is worth all of the long days, the changing schedules, and the general frustration that goes along with any flying career.  That being said, sometimes we need to get away from the work side of it, and enjoy the fun of it.

If I was in a position to own a small plane and go out and enjoy it, then I would do that, but what I really want right now is to enjoy the fun of an air show.  Just being around the people at air shows that love aircraft is so awesome.  It is not a competition or a challenge where we are looking for a winner, it is simply a celebration of flight and all of the wonder that it entails.

Flying was born on the dreams of adventurous men and women who did it because they loved it, not because it was really profitable.  It has proved to be profitable for many people, but that is not where its roots are.  It is rooted in the hearts and dreams of every little boy and girl who dreams  of touching the sky and experiencing what relatively few people have.

Many of those dreams were born at an air show that was visited with a parent who has that love of aviation and wants to share it with the next generation.  I hope that everyone who has the chance to attend Sun ‘N Fun this week has a great time and is able to enjoy the wonder that is aviation.  I guess there is always next year for me.

I would love to live vicariously through you and hear about some of the experiences being had.  What is your favorite part of an air show?