IN FOCUS: Can Pilot Training Keep Pace with Demand?

Pilot training is ridiculously expensive, and I don’t think anyone will argue that.  I only did about 8.5 hours and I am still paying for it years later.  Instead of pursuing my dream of becoming a pilot I took a different route to pursue a career in aviation.

For those who are set on that career as a pilot, there may be more opportunities with European airlines.  This article from Flight Global (IN FOCUS: Can pilot training keep pace with demand?) gives a great perspective of the opportunities that exist for those willing to look for it.

It is a widely accepted projection that there will be a great demand for pilots worldwide in the coming years.  As the pilot force reaches retirement age, and the economy improves, there is going to be a much greater need for pilots.  Training programs like the ones mentioned in the above article may prove to be essential to fulfilling this need.

The military has long been one of the biggest pipelines for pilots, and it will likely stay that way, especially with the continued reduction in forces across all the services.  While my military career will likely never lead to sitting in the pilot seat other than in a recreational sense, I love to see that there are options for others that are in a position to take advantage of it.

The aviation industry is one of the most volatile industries in the world due to its varied nature.  There are few industries that are as all-encompassing as aviation.  Maybe that is why I love it so much.  No matter how stable or stagnant the industry may appear, it is only a day away from boiling over in a hundred different directions.

It will be interesting to see how programs like this adapt to the ever-changing environment that is aviation.