Lawmakers Reach Deal on Labor to Clear FAA Funding for Takeoff – The Hill’s Transportation Report

Lawmakers reach deal on labor to clear FAA funding for takeoff – The Hill’s Transportation Report.

Apparently Congress finally heard something that people were saying.  This to me was a no brainer, and the shocker is that it took so long.  I am glad they were able to get past their differences and make something happen.

Obviously the bill is not passed yet, and they specifically said there are still some other issues to work out, but it should be able to go through now.

At this point only Harry Reid has released the news, but that is at the very least a good sign because he is the vocal leader of the senate.

I think it is great that the bill is expected to last four years.  That should give the FAA some time to really get things done.  With all of the stuff that needs to get done they really needed some time to make it happen.